Retail and shopper research

Shopping and the choice of shopping location are often described very rationally: “I only shop there because it is nearby, because the prices are cheap, because I have known the store for a very long time.” In reality, however, in urban areas, various shopping outlets are usually equally easy to reach and the different providers often don’t have much in common in terms of price.

In order to find out, for instance, what distinguishes shopping at Rewe from shopping at Edeka, or why one prefers to go to Rossmann instead of dm (or vice versa), it is necessary to evaluate and work out the different shopping concepts in detail.

These already start in the parking lot of the shopping venue and are codetermined by the store design, as well as by the people who also shop there. In the context of retail and shopper research, we look at what the “mood” is in a particular shopping venue and what the guiding motives are.

The latter are driven by many different factors and ultimately form an overall picture that characterizes the specific shopping environment.

Our procedure

Particularly when it comes to shopping perceptions, it is a good idea to accompany consumers into the shopping outlet for part of the survey and to conduct Real-Time Shop-Alongs. The interviewer thereby observes the shopping process live and interrogates it in detail in the subsequent in-depth interview.

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