New product development and innovation

Developing new products and bringing innovations to market require two things: knowledge of the motives that drive consumers in one’s market and knowledge of how one’s brand (and the competition) serves them.

Consumers don’t always behave the same way. Rather, they change their behavior depending on the market context, and each market has its own dynamics and thus significantly determines consumer behavior.

Knowing the secret mechanisms of action is indispensable for taking a step forward with new products.

And for addressing needs that are not yet adequately served by existing products. Or for creating new needs that tie into consumers’ existing motives.

Our procedure

We create the basis for and fundamental knowledge around usage perceptions and the brand as such through in-depth interviews and/or focus groups. Out-of-the-box thinking and creative space for innovations are achieved through our workrooms. For example, with the help of the Experience Room/UX, new products/product ideas can be tried out and modified in an open and creative setting. Becoming creative and developing together with consumers is the focus here.

What do we want to achieve together?
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