Communication test and advertising impact:

Do you want to understand how your commercial, print ad, or online advertisement works? Whether your advertising is geared to the right motives? Or why it doesn’t really sell, even though everything seems logical and right?

Advertising must always do two things: It must convey important information about your product, but also it must also have a deeper impact, addressing consumers’ conscious and unconscious motives and desires. And create a desire for your brand.

This goal is not achieved by rational facts alone, but by touching us emotionally, by telling a fascinating story.

The story always fascinates us in the long term if the relevant usage motives are addressed and culturally moving topics are taken up. And in order to build a real bond with the brand, the (secret) brand logic must also be transported. Sounds more complicated than it is!

Sometimes it’s enough to revise details, because small glitches can be very counterproductive, perhaps even unintentionally staging the downside of product usage. Once the overall context and the secret logic are understood, important learnings for future communication can be generated.

So let’s take a closer look together—and drive your product marketing forward in the best possible way.

Our procedure

Advertising impact is best understood via the in-depth interview or the focus group. Often, a combination of both is useful.

In the interview, the complete experience—scene by scene—can be reconstructed. In addition, the desires, motives, and mood states in the respective product field can be ascertained in detail beforehand. This is important in order to understand why certain scenes have the effect they do. And we don’t get stuck on a “like it/don’t like it” level.

In the focus group, the interaction between the participants is more important; it provides a compact overview of all possible relevant issues that may arise in connection with the communication. The secret logic of the subject matter comes vividly into view, and potential downsides/tipping points often become clearly apparent in the interaction between the participants, who bring in different perspectives.

If communication is still developing, our Visualizing Journey workroom is also very suitable. Focus groups and expert rounds (innerSense/client/agency) alternate, and advertising concepts are specifically revised/retested and thus fine-tuned further and further.

What do we want to achieve together?
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