Employer branding

Being an attractive employer is more important today than ever before! To this end, it is essential to know what strengths and weaknesses your company has and what values it stands for, what binds employees to your company and where problems and trouble spots may have built up. Finally, employees must live and carry on the company’s vision with full conviction—only this leads to genuine commitment and long-term loyalty.

The external perspective is just as important as the internal view of the brand. Only on the basis of both perspectives can a consistent brand mission statement be developed that can be communicated credibly both internally and externally.

It therefore makes sense to involve not only the company’s own employees but also potential employees or other important stakeholders.

In this way, communication can be consistent both internally and externally, and the brand values and orientation can be defined in a way that is binding for everyone.

Our prodcedure

As experienced depth psychologists, we come to your company and conduct one-on-one interviews with employees from various departments. In an anonymous and protected setting, we work out which conscious and unconscious barriers and triggers are effective in relation to your company and which image has grown up around your company. It is important to first understand which general requirements and motives are effective in relation to employers and to what extent your company serves these.

External interviews with potential applicants/stakeholders can also be realized well in one-on-one interviews, but also in focus groups. Since the participants do not know each other, focus groups are very well suited for exploring the external perspective, while your own employees should be interviewed in one-on-one meetings. In a public setting, the necessary openness would not be provided and truly relevant issues might not even be brought up.


Subsequently, if desired, we will develop a corresponding corporate vision together with you in our brand core workshop, together with the marketing managers and, if necessary, other internal experts. This takes 1-2 days and ends when we have jointly solved the puzzle and understood the fascination surrounding your brand, and put it down on paper.

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