Brand core and potential analysis

Would you like to understand what your brand actually does at its core? What your brand’s capabilities are, and its weaknesses? What “promise” it makes to consumers and how it compares to the competition?

Brands provide answers to specific psychological needs, make relevant “offers” to consumers. In this context, different needs and motives can be identified in each product area, combining different and sometimes paradoxical desires.

Ideally, a successful brand should serve several of these motives.

Of course, not all motives can be addressed equally, and not all motives are equally relevant for all consumers. In specific mood states or for certain types, certain needs are in the foreground, while others tend to resonate in the background.

In order to position one’s own brand correctly and fully exploit its potential, it is important to know the relevant motives of one’s own product category in detail and to know where one stands as a brand and how one’s competitors position themselves. If certain motifs are hardly or not at all served by the competition, it may make sense to focus more on these motifs as a brand instead of positioning oneself as a “me too” in exactly the same way as the majority of competitors.

Our procedure

In order to offer what consumers want as precisely as possible, we first take a detailed look in in-depth interviews and/or focus groups at which motives (conscious and unconscious) are truly relevant in the respective product category. Subsequently, we take a close look at the relevant brand and its competitors: what does it communicate through its current appearance (name, logo, communication, website, etc.), but also what potential lies in its DNA, in its history, that is perhaps lying fallow at the moment and is not being used sufficiently?

In a joint brand workshop, following an in-depth psychological brand core and potential analysis, a brand model such as the brand key can also be jointly formulated.

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