About us

We share a passion for research, understanding, and design. Our common vision is being open to new things—and the desire to make a difference with concentrated female power.

We believe that morphology and depth psychology work wonderfully in combination with modern, digital tools, depending on the question. And that the future will bring many new and exciting things. But what will always remain is that we go into depth, take a look at conscious and unconscious motives, and act in an action-oriented way. Depth without overcomplexity.

Nicole Hanisch

I am a researcher, psychologist, and consultant through and through. I enjoy understanding consumers’ everyday lives and the psychological motives behind them, and finding and developing the best positioning, products, and forms of communication for customers.

In doing so, I am driven by the development of new tools that enable an even stronger combination of depth psychology and new digital possibilities.

I have been working as a psychological market researcher for more than 20 years, during much of this time successfully in the management of the rheingold Institute. In my previous work I researched and advised many different industries and brands, both nationally and internationally. There is always something new to discover and understand and to develop together with the client.

Among my clients are companies from the food, cosmetics, clothing, retail, pharmaceutical, and media sectors—international corporations from the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, retail chains, as well as medium-sized branded companies and private and public media companies.

my expertise in the various industries and my study of current topics such as GenZ, influencer marketing, creator economy, podcast, the current shopper and retail landscape, sustainability, and coronavirus influences, supports my daily research and consulting work.


Maike Brahms

I am completing my degree in business psychology with great enthusiasm at BSP Berlin. It was there that I discovered my passion for depth psychology. As a curious and open-minded person, I have developed a particular interest in cultural and especially generational research. I am always eager to gain deeper insights into the human experience around diverse cultural topics. With my expertise and enthusiasm for psychological research, I bring fresh perspectives to projects and support the innerSense team in understanding the deeper meaning of things.


Emily Janka

Through my psychology studies at RWTH Aachen University, I was already able to get to know and love the various facets of psychology. I was particularly taken with the broad field of industrial and organizational psychology. At innerSense I got to know a whole new way of psychological research. Here I can optimally combine my quantitative, analytical and organizational knowledge with qualitative psychological market research and thus support the team. For me, this combination of different methods perfectly reflects what appeals to me so much about psychology and market research and what they are capable of together.


Our world is multi-layered and complex.

Consumers do not have one SIMPLE need. They want many things simultaneously—sometimes very contradictory things. This is not always logical, but makes sense psycho-logically.

And it is precisely this meaning that we want to unearth together with you. If this is useful and desired, we will combine digital tools and online tools with psychological analysis.

Let’s find the best path together!

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Our services

We are trained morphological depth psychologists who have additionally gained a lot of experience in the modern and digitally driven advertising and media industry.

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Our toolkit

We are always curious, open to new things, to the possibilities offered by digitalization—without losing sight of the psychological core.

What do we want to achieve together?
Let’s just talk about it.