Workroom: Discovery Journey

Think big and bigger!

In this 1-2 day workroom, we take time to reflect in the midst of the often hectic and time-critical projects that otherwise often determine the daily routine of marketing. We do so in order to once again deal intensively with the brand as such, with the true meaning of the company—beyond profit.

What defines us as a company, where do we want to go? What direction makes sense? Which new product developments could be groundbreaking?Together, we take a look at the market, the competitors, and the company in question. In addition, we think outside the box and explore other categories from which we can learn, to give our own brand the necessary drive and impetus.

This can be exclusively an expert round (marketing/agency/innerSense), or it can be complemented by 1-2 consumer modules in which initial ideas and directions are evaluated.

What do we want to achieve together?
Let’s just talk about it.