Career at innerSense

How we work – New Work

We believe in passion, commitment, and freedom! Psychological work can only be done with a real passion for understanding—not according to a formula.

We believe that good results can only be achieved if we are committed together as a team, and if everyone has the freedom to discover and leverage their personal strengths.

We want flexibility and grant flexibility and freedom. Where you work from is not so important to us—how you work is much more important. We try to achieve a good mix between home office and presence in the Cologne office. Because both have their advantages. But we are always open and in motion—there are no rigid rules.

Our world is multilayered and complex.

Consumers do not have one SIMPLE need. They want many things at the same time. Sometimes very contradictory things. While this is not always logical, it makes “psycho-logical” sense.

And it is exactly this sense that we want to unearth together with you. If this is useful and desired, we will combine digital tools and online tools with psycho-logical analysis.

Let us find the best path together!

How we deal with each other

Respectful and at eye level—morphology is not a one-man-show, but always involves teamwork. Our maxim is to work together as partners—with each other as well as with our customers.


We offer you a lot of freedom and room to develop. Trustworthy working hours, a great deal of creative freedom and responsibility, flexible working options, and the possibility of receiving training and further education in morphological impact research. In addition, we offer great team events, performance-based pay, and 30 days of vacation. Or sometimes 31—we are flexible 😉

Does that sound interesting? Maybe we’ll just have a coffee sometime and talk.